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Do you need full coverage car insurance? Do you know what it covers? Do you know what it means? Sounds like a complete set of insurance. You will not need to think about getting insurance twice if it gives you the protection you were looking for. Anyway, full coverage is not as simple as it may sound.

If you know what full coverage means, you will make better decisions in order to choose the best car insurance for you and your family.

This article has all you need to know about full coverage insurance and the reasons why you should get full coverage auto insurance.

What does Full Coverage Car Insurance mean?

Full Coverage Car Insurance is not exactly an insurance product, it is more of a set of coverages mixed together to provide a complete coverage for the policy-holder. When you mix this coverage types, it helps avoid pricey losses no matter who the motorist at fault is or how the accident happened.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance does not really include all potential damages and losses, it does protect you from a lot of other things. Liability limits, collision and comprehensive insurance are the three main factors of this type of insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance could pay for another person’s bodily injury and property damage, it also protects you from financial responsibility in an accident. Liability claims can easily be over tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making sure you are covered over the state minimum requirements can help protect you from expensive lawsuits and legal expenses.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is coverage for the repair of your vehicle. Whether you hit a tree or hit another vehicle, the damages to your car could cost a lot. If your vehicle is totaled, you might be left without a car. Collision helps repair or replace your vehicle, getting you back on the road as soon as the company can.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is physical damage coverage for almost anything else that could happen to your vehicle, fire, flood or falling objects.

What does collision insurance cover?

You might already know that having comp and collision is full coverage. Collision and comprehensive cover many scenarios, but they do not cover all.

Collision insurance covers your vehicle in these situations:

  • You have an accident with another vehicle.

  • Another vehicle hits your car.

  • When you hit an object.

  • Unintentionally flip your vehicle.

Collision covers your auto from accident damages, whether its your fault or not. To make a claim, you will need to pay your deductible. Then your coverage will pay the remaining cost of repairs or for the losses of your vehicle.

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

The word comprehensive can be confusing. Comprehensive, also known as “other than collision,” does cover a lot of other situations that collision does not cover. Since the details of comprehensive insurance can depend on different factors, it is a good idea to carefully revise your auto insurance policy to understand exactly what is covers.

Comprehensive insurance generally covers your vehicle in these situations:

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Glass damage

  • Damage from flying or falling objects.

  • Hitting an animal

  • Fire

  • Flood.

  • Damage due to natural disasters.

If your vehicle is damaged in any of these ways, after you pay your deductible, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the repairs or total loss up to the value of your car.

What does comprehensive and collision NOT cover?

Having both comprehensive and collision on your vehicle protects your car and you against many situations. It does not cover the following scenarios:

  • Wear and tear.

  • Mechanical failure (if it is not related to an accident).

  • Electrical failure (if not caused by an accident).

  • Custom equipment that was not listed on the policy.

  • Additional damage caused by not taking preventative measures.

  • Intentional damage.

  • Criminal actions (damages caused while are trying to evade police).

  • Confiscation of your vehicle by law enforcement.

And while not very likely, coverage also excludes damage resulting from these unlikely situations:

  • Nuclear exposure or explosion.

  • Bio-chemical attack.

  • War.

Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle theft, but not everything inside the car. Your collision or comprehensive coverage does not cover the following:

  • Personal items damaged or stolen.

  • Damaged or stolen electronic custom equipment not listed on your policy.

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