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It is not mandatory to have Home Insurance in California but there are certain factors that prove the importance of getting your house fairly insured in order to avoid surprises or unexpected expenses from floods caused by broken pipes, fire or theft.

Buying a house in most cases is the biggest investment in a person's life. If you add the value of the objects inside the house to the value of the house itself, such as electronics, art, clothes, etc. the amount of what we could lose in case of an accident or theft could be irreplaceable. That is the first reason most people get home insurance when they buy a house.

Reasons to get Home Insurance

There are many reasons to get your house insured, the first one without a doubt is the peace of mind that it will bring you knowing that whatever happens in your house will be covered by your Homeowners Insurance Policy. There are also other reasons to get a good insurance policy for your house.

It is a good investment. Generally, the prices are reasonable for all families that want to get home insurance. The difference in price depends on the coverages, therefore you can choose the coverages that best adapt to your needs or circumstances.

Accidents are quickly solved. Getting enough coverage is the most practical and cheap solution to resolve any incidents as soon as possible.

Rebuilding. A policy that insures your house against fire or damage caused by natural disasters can avoid big expenses. In most cases, the policy guarantees repair and even rebuilding of a part or the whole house.

Objects replacement. It is also interesting how Homeowners Insurance Policy covers not only the house itself, the contents are also covered in case they get damaged or stolen.

Covers common domestic incidents. Leaks, termites, and mold can lead to a greater damage and a big expense if you don't have an insurance policy for your hous

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