Planned Non-Operation

What is a PNO?


PNO stands for Planned Non-Operation, meaning that if one applies for a PNO, they are stating that they will store or not operate that vehicle during the next renewal year.


  •  If an individual will not use that vehicle, they should apply for the PNO online and pay the filing fee of $20. The filing fee of twenty dollars may be paid up to sixty days prior to the expiration date if they want to avoid a late fee.

  •  After ninety days, a late fee will be set in stone and the individual will be responsible for the full registration fees.

  •  If an individual operates a vehicle that is under PNO, and the vehicle is spotted in any areas in which it can be given a citation, then the full registration fee, along with the penalties, must be paid that same year in which the individual had optioned out.

-If the status of the vehicle of being nonoperational if forfeited, then the payment for renewal will be more than the usual renewal fee that is between the amount of $40 to $70, depending on the state that the vehicle is registered as being non-operational.




One must renewal a PNO every year or every two years, once again, according to the state that the vehicle is non-operational in. 

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