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If you're looking to save time, give us a call or visit one of our offices, you just need your name, date of birth, and address to get your quote. Or, if you want to enter your info manually, try to have the following information within reach:


  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) for all your cars.

  • Drivers license numbers for you and other drivers in your household.

  • Your social security number.

  • Loan/lease information for the cars or trucks you want to insure.

  • Info from your current policy (if you have one).

  • Car make, model, and year.

  • Driving history (past violations, accidents, etc.).

  • Info on aftermarket accessories installed in or on the vehicle.

  • Address where the vehicle is garaged.

  • A credit or debit card or checking/savings account info.

Auto Insurance

When you get a free quote online or over the phone, you should have the following information within reach:


  • Details of the bikes you want to insure, including age, make, model, mileage, and condition.

  • The names of the people you want to insure on your motorcycle policy and their driving histories.

  • Information about your current or most recent insurer.

  • Details of safety courses you completed or safety devices installed on a bike (these can help you qualify for additional saving.


Even if you've not bought your bike yet, you can still get a free quote as long as you know what type of ride you'd like to purchase. You can then choose coverages, deductibles, and limits for the bike(s) you have in mind.

Motorcycle Insurance

Why you may need boat insurance:


While boat insurance isn't required by law in most states, Auto International recommends checking with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles for requirements.

Apart from your state, other interested parties may require you to have boat insurance. If you take out a loan to buy a boat, for example, your lender may require you to insure it to protect itself from the risk of loss or damage. And many marinas require proof of coverage before allowing you to dock.


Boat insurance through Auto International Insurance can protect a wide variety of watercraft, including:


  • Jet Skis

  • WaveRunners™

  • Sailboats

  • Dinghy runabouts (when insured with another primary boat)

  • Cabin cruisers

  • Pontoons

  • Fishing boats

  • Family runabout

Boat Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

We like to think of our homes as the ultimate safe havens. But accidents and injuries can and do occur. That's where a good homeowners insurance policy is needed. Home insurance covers:


Damage to the home itself: Homeowners insurance can help repair your house and freestanding structures (garage, tool shed, etc.) if damaged by things like lightning, tornadoes, hail, vandalism, vehicles, or fire. It can also help pay to relocate you during repairs.


Property theft and damage: If your stuff is stolen in a home burglary or damaged in a fire, homeowners insurance can help reimburse you for the cost to replace it. In some cases, this coverage applies away from home, too (say, if your laptop is stolen from your car).


Personal liability: If guests are injured in your place, homeowners insurance helps protect you from paying their medical bills out of pocket. It can also help cover injuries you cause away from home (as long as they're accidental).


Keep in mind that most policies don't cover floods or earthquakes.

Since business insurance covers a wide range of industries, Auto International Insurance can help you find coverage that's customized for your profession.

You can get a quote for the following types of business:


  • Advertising, marketing, and entertainment.

  • Auto repair.

  • Beauty and fitness.

  • Construction and installation.

  • Consulting, coaching, and training.

  • Crafts, goods, and manufacturing.

  • Distribution and wholesale.

  • Event planning.

  • Food and beverage.

  • Janitorial and landscaping.

  • Legal services.

  • Medical, health, and science.

  • Nonprofit, social services, and child care.

  • Real estate, architecture, and engineering.

  • Retail.

  • Staffing and human resources.

  • Technology.

  • Financial and insurance services.

  • Writing and publishing.

Business Insurance

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