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Here in Auto International Insurance & DMV Services, we can process new cars, transfers, renewals, duplicate titles, duplicate plates, issue plates/registration/stickers directly from one of our offices (the very same day). This service is available to dealers and to the public, but there are certain restrictions associated with the types of transactions. 


Auto International Insurance & DMV Services will process all of your retail transfer of ownerships efficiently, accurately, and economically. Dealer bundles are processed at the office. We can usually process your bundle within 24 hours of receiving your paperwork and DMV check. Say goodbye to penalties and ASF fees! The turn-around time for receiving the processed bundle back from the DMV is 5-10 days.

Trucking Companies

California Motor Carrier Permit (MCP)- If you plan to do local intrastate loads inside of California, this permit is required. The good news is that interstate carrier get a no-fee permanent permit that never has to be renewed unless you stop running interstate. If you’re based in California, you’ll also need a CA# from the CHP before you can order the MCP. We can take care of that for you.


CA# - This is an account number issued by the CHP (California Highway Patrol). It helps them keep track of your company and safety profile. This is not your MCP (Motor Carrier Permit). Many people incorrectly think the CA # is their MCP. Once you get the CA #, you can apply for the MCP. Most California based trucking companies are required to obtain a CA # from CHP. Give us a call and we can determine if you need one.


Fleet DMV Services


  • It can be a great solution for fleets of 25 vehicles or more. Once we set you up on the PFR program, you’ll receive a permanent sticker and registration card. From then on, when we renew that vehicle for you, the DMV record is updated, but a new registration card and sticker will not be issued. This eliminates the headaches and hassles of distributing your registrations and stickers to the vehicles. Each month, we’ll provide you with a list of your vehicles that are due for renewal.

Construction Business


  •  This is a special plate for specialty type of equipment such as water trucks, compressors, generators, arrow boards, message boards and other equipment that are used incidentally on California roads. They are only $23 and good for 5 years. It’s a great value!

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