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Registration Renewals

Going to the DMV office each year is typically an enormous inconvenience due to the dreaded long lines that will keep you there for hours. This is why many people take a quick trip to one of our locations to be out the door within 15 minutes! Come to one of our quick locations, order online, or place an order with us over the phone for a rapid, easy and instant process.

By making an in-person visit to one of our locations, you will get your registration documents immediately, and if you happen to choose over the phone service or ordering through our secure online AVRS IntelliTRAC System portal, your order will only take 24 to 48 hours to process! Another huge plus would be that your registration documents will be sent directly to your home.

In order to drive legally, one must renew their registration every year and receive the proper tags for that current year. Your registration WILL be suspended and you will run the risk of car impoundment if your registration is not renewed.  

Insurance will be required and three late fees will be enforced if your renewals are late:

  1. Percentage of standard renewal.

  2. Flat late fee.

  3. CHP late fee.

The DMV will send a notice well before your registration expiration date, along with important information such as vehicle information, emission requirement, and renewal/delinquency fees.

* Your current registration card hold the expiration date for your renewals.

* You have 30 days to renew & receive your stickers, or else a vehicle suspension will occur.

Your Fast, Secure Ordering Options.

  • Come into our office – Instant Tags.

  • Order online – Tags Mailed.

  • Call to place a Phone Order – Tags Mailed.

The Information needed to order online.

  • Last 5 digits of VIN number.

  • Proof of insurance on file with the DMV.

  • Proof of smog certificate on file with the DMV.

  • Payment to cover the renewal.

The Information needed to order in person.

  • DMV Notice.

  • CA Driver’s License.

  • Court clearance if Delinquency Fees were placed.

  • Payment to cover the renewal.

  • The information needed to order in person.

  • Vin & License Plate #.

  • Auto Insurance on file with the DMV.

  • Emission certificate proof.

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