consequences of driving uninsured driving without insurance

The Consequences of Driving Uninsured

Why Should I get Insurance?

You’re probably wondering why. Maybe seems unnecessary if you’re a responsible driver. However, we’ve got to consider all of those reckless drivers out there. Therefore, having car insurance is a way to protect your car and yourself. Auto Insurance covers if you have an accident. Remember that those are not the only types of accidents, your car could be damaged in a natural disaster. For example fires, earthquakes, and floods. Additionally, there are consequences for driving without insurance.

Important to realize, every state has different insurance requirements. Equally important, every state also varies on its penalties for driving without insurance. However, one thing’s for certain: Driving without auto insurance or a way to prove you are financially responsible, can bring you costly consequences.

Driving without Insurance in California

You can’t drive legally on California roads unless you have car insurance. If you are in an auto accident or are stopped by a law enforcement officer and do not have proof of car insurance, this can be a serious offense and your license and registration can be suspended and you may be heavily fined. The officer may also impound your vehicle for driving without liability insurance.

As stated above, penalties for driving without insurance vary from state to state; however, a few of the most common penalties include:

  • Having your driver’s license suspended.
  • Having your vehicle registration suspended. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) will send you a notice of intent to suspend and you will have to pay a 14 dollars penalty fee.
  • Receiving a traffic ticket for a no insurance violation. This is in addition to the traffic ticket (s) you receive for the original reason you were pulled over.

Penalties of driving uninsured

  • Depending on the officer and where you receive the ticket, you might be able to have the ticket dismissed if you can show proof of insurance within a certain time period following the date of the citation; however, this generally only applies if you really did have coverage at the time of the traffic stop and just happened for whatever reason to not have your insurance card with you.
  • Meeting SR-22 requirements. Some states might only impose this if you cause an accident while driving without insurance; others may impose it simply for driving uninsured.
  • Hefty fines. In addition to meeting other requirements, you’ll have to pay to have your license and registration reinstated. Plus, you’ll have to cover the traffic ticket fines.
  • Increased future insurance premiums.

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